Wer ist Carat
Vielfalt und höchste Qualität
Who is Carat

  • Access within the group on products and techniques
  • slender  organisation, therefore, quick practicability of ideas and customer wishes
  • excellent readiness of delivery and practically oriented logistics

What delivers Carat
Ideas in the square - the whole spectrum

  • tufted
  • needled
  • uni colored & heathered
  • patterned / prints
  • above all however, to vary the possibility and to form with colors,  designs or different structures and formats

Where the range of products is applicable
Indefinitely. In the object area just as in the living area.

  • Standard-stock programme 50 x 50 cm
  • Special dimensions 50x100, 100x100, 100x200, 60x60, 61x61 on inquiry
  • Special backings available (PVC & Cushion & Smartback) on inquiry

Which advantages offers carat to you and your customers towards other competitors?

  • Our articles are not represented on every corner, therefore, no prize actionism. We work intently and selectively.
  • experienced qualities in construction appropriate for tile
  • flexible with special wishes in colors and/or formats and/or design

Why the consumer should reach to the tile?
From the point and practical application of the consumer, firstly

  • The mishap with the glass of red wine does not become the disaster
  • Blend problems about angular, interlocking rooms keep in masses and are thereby to be solved cheaper
  • Carpet tiles are without problem and without damage for the subsoil resume able what offers huge cost savings.
  • Carpet tiles offer by your back state compared with other floor coverings high sound absorption and protection against foot cold (30 – 40% of saving)
  • Our tiles are dimension-stable by special construction appropriate for module.
  • With carpet tiles one can differently form than with road product surfaces about application of different structures, colours etc.; creativity in the square
  • One can take carpet tiles from the point of the user with the object or flat change and use further
  • though the transfer is relatively easy, however, a distinct do-it-yourself-articles / "cheap articles" are not SL tiles.
  • Carpet tiles are liquid-impervious and are very hygienic with it compared with other textile floor coverings.

Our tiles have compared with comparable textile floor coverings only one "disadvantage", they are a little "more expensive" because of the mature construction appropriate for use than road product what develops, nevertheless, in the price / achievement relation to an advantage!
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