The concept
The carat concept - the ideal floor for use in offices and shops
Why textile modules?
  • There are limitless options for room layout with textile floor tiles by varying the pattern or using different colours, or by combining them with part-carpeted floors
  • Technical installations (underfloor cabling, workstation installations, etc.) do not cause permanent damage to the floor: if changes are required simply take up one tile and replace it with a new, uncut one
  • This is a huge advantage in offices with false floors and helps save money at the same time
  • Interlocking carat carpet tiles do not need to be stuck down, so they can be removed, taken up, replaced or repaired without causing any damage. There are no costs involved in preparing underlay as with all other types of permanently stuck-on flooring
  • Individual tiles can be replaced at any time without the need to stop work to reorganise or clear floor space
  • Textile floor tiles made by carat are designed with high sound-absorbing properties, thus enhancing the fundamental quality of the working and living environment
  • The textile surface of our products has efficient dust-bonding properties, thereby contributing to a healthy living and working environment. Air quality is improved by up to 30% compared to spaces with hard floor coverings under similar ambient conditions
  • Textile tiles help to conserve energy in residential and office accommodation. They look warm - and they feel warm underfoot
  • • carat tiles are easy to lay and transport, and emit no harmful adhesive fumes. Cleaning is straightforward (under running water if necessary) and conducive to higher standards of hygiene than with other floor coverings
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