Quality management
Quality management
Number one priority: the quality standards of our products!
The quality standards of our products are our main concern. As a matter of course, quality in terms of serviceability, durability and, very importantly, health and safety is at the forefront of our production. All stages of production during manufacturing operations are therefore closely vetted, monitored and continuously enhanced by independent research institutes and experts.

Resident specialists in the countries of production provide support with quality assurance measures in respect of finished products and manufacturing conditions.

In addition, random samples are frequently taken during day-to-day production processes and sent to Germany for testing. Tests are carried out primarily for contaminants, as well as for wear characteristics and safety parameters.

This quality precept is continued after purchase, with after-sales service playing a key role in the implementation of an integrated quality philosophy. 

It is our perpetual aim to give our customers the assurance of having purchased a good product that meets each and every one of their requirements.

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